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This poster stamp has the initials "SI" (possibly for "Società italiana"?) in blue centered among portraits of four Italian authors in red: Dante Alighieri, Lodovico Ariosto, Luigi Pirandello, and Alessandro Manzoni. The portrait of Dante is based on…

This first day cover likely was issued by Stampa Filatelica. The cachet features a reproduction of an anonymous miniature portrait of Dante from a fifteenth-century manuscript (MS Riccardiano 1040) in the Biblioteca Riccardiana in Florence. Above the…

This set of cinderella stamps was issued by the Federazione italiana contro la tubercolosi e Consorzi provinciali antitubercolari (Italian Federation Against Tuberculosis and Provincial Antituberculosis Consortium) for the "XXVIII CAMPAGNA NAZIONALE…
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