First Day Cover - United States - 1980 - Postal Commemorative Society


First Day Cover - United States - 1980 - Postal Commemorative Society


First Day Cover


United States

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In 1978, the Postal Commemorative Society of Norwalk, Connecticut, commenced issuing a series of first day covers to be collected in an album titled Norman Rockwell Classics and Historic American Stamps. On the album's title page is the following description: "A limited edition collection of 100 philatelic covers bearing Norman Rockwell paintings, related U.S. postage stamps, and important anniversary postmarks."

The cover for Rockwell's painting The Eleventh Hour was paired with the 1965 Dante commemorative stamp and was cancelled in San Francisco on July 17, 1980, fifteen years to the day after the stamp was first issued. The accompanying album text explains the link between the college students in Rockwell's painting and Dante, "one of the greatest scholars of the ages."

The cachet shows Rockwell's painting with "'The Eleventh Hour'" above. Additional text appears between red and blue lines above the address area: "Dante Alighieri Stamp First Issued San Francisco, Calif., July 17, 1965".


103 × 190 mm envelope on 276 × 235 leaf

Bibliographic Citation

Michel no. 884
Scott no. 1268


Norman Rockwell
Postal Commemorative Society (Norwalk, Connecticut)