Cinderella Stamp - Centro lunigianese di studi dantesche


Cinderella Stamp - Centro lunigianese di studi dantesche


Cinderella Stamp



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This cinderella stamp was issued by the Centro lunigianese di studi dantesche (Lunigiana Center for Dante Studies) to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante's visit to the Lunigiana. While staying as a guest of Franceschino Malaspina at Sarzana in 1306, Dante negotiated a solution to a dispute between the ruling Malaspina family and the Bishop of Luni (Reynolds, 102).

The stamp features a painting, Dante e la Lunigiana, by Italian artist Dante Pierini, showing one of the Bronze Age stelae of the region holding a quill pen. In front of the stela is a book with "D.C." on the cover standing for Divina commedia. Around the central image is the following text: vertically along the left side: "—1306 - 2006—"; at the top: "Lunigiana Dantesca 2006"; vertically along the right side: "VII Centenario della venuta di Dante in Lunigiana" (7th centenary of the coming of Dante in the Lunigiana); and along the bottom: "D. Pierini - Dante e la Lunigiana / CLSD € 2,50 / Tip. Moderna - La Spezia 2006". The stamp was printed by Stampa Moderna of La Spezia, Italy.

The CLSD also issued a portfolio with explanatory text, an inserted stamp, postcard, and first day cover, and images of related artwork.
Denomination: € 2,50 (2.50 EUR)


40 × 30 mm (stamp)
320 × 220 (portfolio)


Centro lunigianese di studi dantesche (Mulazzo, Italy)
Dante Pierini
Stampa Moderna (La Spezia, Italy)