Poster Stamp - Delandre


Poster Stamp - Delandre


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This poster stamp was issued by Gaston Fontanille under the pseudonym "Delandre." Fontanille used a variety of pseudonyms to produce almost countless cinderella and poster stamps, books, catalogs, posters, and other materials—sometimes under legitimate contract but often fraudulently.1

The stamp reproduces the woodcut portrait of Dante found in the 1521 Venice edition of his Convivio.2 The text refers to the second anniversary of the bombardment of Ancona, Italy: "XXIV Maggio MCMXV / Secundo [sic] / Anniversario / XXIV Maggio MCMXVII" (May 24, 1915, second anniversary, May 24, 1917).

Kiddle and Schmidt catalog two versions, one printed in green and brown on white paper and one printed in red and black on gray paper.3


25 × 46 mm

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Gaston Fontanille (Delandre)




Image from Kiddle and Schmidt.