Postage Stamp - Italy - 2011


Postage Stamp - Italy - 2011


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This postage stamp is the 25th in a series issued to commemorate the Giornata della Filatelia (Philately Day). In the center of the stamp is a reproduction of the 1965 Italian 500-lire postage stamp showing the Naples Bust of Dante. The background comprises a collage of the following designs: (1) lower left: the Italian cancellation of November 30, 2007, showing Dante in profile; (2) upper right: the Italian cancellation of October 23, 2009, showing a representation of Dante's hell; and (3) lower right: an envelope stamped with three 25-centesimi Italian "Proclamation of the Empire" postage stamps from 1938 designed by Corrado Mezzana.

In the upper left corner of the stamp is text as follows: "GIORNATA / DELLA / FILATELIA / PROGETTO / DANTE" (Philately Day Dante Project); across the bottom of the stamp is "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA ATTRAVERSO LA FILATELIA" (The Divina commedia through philately). Along the bottom edge of the stamp is the abbreviated name of the printer: "I.P.Z.S. S.p.A. - ROMA - 2011" (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato) and the designer: "G. IELUZZO" (Gaetano Ieluzzo).

Denomination: € 0,60 (0.60 EUR)
Perforation: 11 (diecut)
Printing process: Six-color rotogravure
Print run: 2,800,000


40 × 48 mm

Bibliographic Citation

Michel no. 3495
Sassone no. 3284
Scott no. 3103


Gaetano Ieluzzo
Corrado Mezzana
Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (Rome, Italy)