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This square cancellation commemorates the centenary of and depicts Cesare Zocchi's 1896 monument to Dante in Trent, Italy.

Place of cancellation: Moscow, Russia, 101000

For the 125th Veronafil exhibition.

Detail from Filippino Lippi's painting Apparition of the Virgin to St. Bernard (ca. 1480) showing Mary and St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Created for the philatelic exhibition "Dante Alighieri, il Lazio e la Divina Commedia" held in Latina, Italy, May…

The painting depicted on this cancellation shows Dante with the faces of souls in hell and is the work of Patrizio Virzì, an artist from Cesena, Italy. The painting is titled L'Inferno di Dante.

For the 125th Veronafil exhibition.

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This circular cancellation feature a line-drawing version of Laure Fissore's portrait of Dante on the 2015 Monaco stamp she designed. The text is as follows: "OFFICE DES TIMBRES MONACO"; "09.04.2015"; and "JOUR D'EMISSION".

This circular cancellation echoes the 1987 Italian postage stamp that is was designed to accompany. The cancellation and the stamp show the same view of Piazza dei Signori in Verona, Italy, with Ugo Zannoni's 1865 statue of Dante in front of the…

This circular cancellation features a right-facing portrait of Dante. The text around the portrait is as follows: "MUESTRA PRESENCIA ITALIANA EN LA FILATELIA ARGENTINA" (Exhibition [of the] Italian Presence in Argentine Philately). At the bottom of…

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This armorial cancellation quotes part of a Latin inscription on a plaque in the church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi in Florence, Italy, the church in which Dante may have married Gemma Donati and where Beatrice Portinari is buried. The full…

This rectangular cancellation was designed for use with the 1966 Uruguay Dante commemorative postage stamp. The cancellation shows a book with the title "La / Divina / Comedia" surrounded by text as follows: "CORREOS DEL / URUGUAY"; "VII CENTENARIO…

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This rectangular, typographic cancellation was designed for use with the 1965 Argentina Dante commemorative postage stamp.

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