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This poster stamp has the initials "SI" (possibly for "Società italiana"?) in blue centered among portraits of four Italian authors in red: Dante Alighieri, Lodovico Ariosto, Luigi Pirandello, and Alessandro Manzoni. The portrait of Dante is based on…

This series of poster stamps was issued by the Società Dante Alighieri, probably in the 1910s. The stamps depict a woman reading a book to a group of children, a father and son, and mother with baby. Behind the group is a bust of Dante, a book, and…

This square cancellation commemorates the centenary of and depicts Cesare Zocchi's 1896 monument to Dante in Trent, Italy.

This poster stamp was issued by the Comitato centrale antiblasfemo di Verona (Central Antiblasphemy Committe of Verona) after 1930. In that year, Italy enacted Article 724 of the Penal Code, making it an offense to publicly blaspheme against the…

This stamp is part of a set of eight celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse in Italy (1928–2018). The set is the 33rd issue in the series "Le Eccellenze del sistema produttivo ed economico" (The excellencies of the productive and economic system).The…

The cachet on this first day cover features Raphael's portrait of Dante from the artist's fresco Disputation of the Holy Sacrament in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. Above the portrait is text as follows: "VIII CENTENARIO DELLA NASCITA DI DANTE…

This maximum card was issued by the philatelic group Circolo filatelico fiorentino and postmarked in Florence on October 21, 1965. The card features a portrait of Dante signed "G.P.". Above the portrait is "1265" and "1965" and below is "VIIo…

The painting depicted on this cancellation shows Dante with the faces of souls in hell and is the work of Patrizio Virzì, an artist from Cesena, Italy. The painting is titled L'Inferno di Dante.

For the 125th Veronafil exhibition.

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This first day cover was issued by the Ansaldo Dopolavoro Aziendale, Sezione Filatelica (Ansaldo Company Recreation Club, Philatelic Section). The cachet shows Dante reading a book; in the background is an unrolled scroll with text as follows: "7o…

This first day cover was issued by Venetia (641-2/It). The cachet features a modern representation of part of Piazza dei Signori executed in red and brown with "PIAZZA / DEI SIGNORI" at the bottom.

These first day covers were issued by Filagrano. The "Gold" series cachet is printed on a small sheet of rayon that is affixed to the envelope within a printed gold frame with "Piazza dei Signori / Verona" at the top. The cachet shows a photographic…

This envelope is an example of stationery used by the Circolo filatelico Dante Alighieri (Dante Alighieri Philatelic Circle; now the Circolo filatelico e numismatico Dante Alighieri [Dante Alighieri Philatelic and Numismatic Circle]) of Ravenna,…
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