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This first day cover was issued by Roma. The cachet shows a photographic reproduction of the Naples Bust of Dante within a gold-embossed frame, the left side of which is in the style of stamp perforations. Below the frame is "Centenario Fondazione…

This first day cover was issued by Roma (Vat. 49). The cachet features Raphael's portrait of Dante from the artist's fresco Disputation of the Holy Sacrament in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. The cachet is signed "D. NIZZI" in the area of…

This first day cover was issued by Roma (It. 93-a). The cachet features a portrait of Dante based on the portrait in Raphael's fresco painting The Parnassus. Below the portrait is text as follows: "Dante / VII Centenario della nascita" (7th centenary…
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