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Beginning in the 1960s, prolific collector and cachet maker John Ranto of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, produced first day covers made from postal bulletins and display posters. According to online sales descriptions by Trenton Stamp and Coin,…

This first day cover, issued by the Universal Philatelic Cover Society, is identical—except for the text at the bottom—to the cover issued by K. J. Moran. The cachet features a right-facing portrait of Dante with text as follows: at the top:…

The cachets on these covers were hand-painted by Frank J. Ulrich. Multiple designs by Ulrich are known.

This first day cover's cachet was hand-painted by Herman R. Maul. The cachet shows a smiling devil's head above flames representing hell. The cachet has text as follows: at the top: "DANTE ALIGHIERI / ITALIAN POET / 1265 / 1965"; and at the bottom:…

This was the first FDC issue from Lone Star Cachet.

This first day cover's add-on cachet was hand-painted by Melissa Fox.

This first day cover's hand-painted cachet by Bernard Goldberg depicts Dante, crowned with a laurel wreath, against a purple and green background. Beside the cachet is calligraphic text as follows: "Dante / Alighieri / ~1265~1321~ / 'The Divine…

This first day cover was probably issued by Centennial. The poet's name is misspelled "Danti".

This first day cover was issued by Prestige of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The cachet is a black and white halftone image in reverse of Douglas W. Gorsline's design for the United States Dante commemorative stamp of 1965. The envelope holds a folded…

This maximum card was issued by Hammond Maxi-card and features a portrait and biography of Dante.

This first day cover features a hand-painted, add-on cachet by Kathryn O. Hayden of Salt Lake City, Utah. The cachet shows a portrait of Dante wearing a laurel wreath and facing a small, black devil. The cachet was executed in pastels and the…

This first day cover's cachet is a later (before August 23, 2013) add-on, printed with an inkjet printer. The image reproduces Sandro Botticelli's fifteenth-century portrait now in the Fondation Martin Bodmer in Cologny, Switzerland. Above the…

This first day cover's hand-painted cachet features a portrait of Dante wearing a laurel wreath. The cachet is signed "SN".

Overseas Mailer reissued other first day covers with a modification. In the case of the Dante FDC, Overseas Mailer added a small, green, woodcut-style portrait of Dante to the Chickering-Jackson FDC. The Chickering-Jackson first day cover was…

This first day cover's cachet is a later (before May 7, 2010) add-on, printed with an inkjet printer. The image is a detail from a famous cigar label from around 1900.

The typed cachet on this first day cover addressed to Linda Challand may have been created by Challand herself.

This first day cover's cachet is a later (before July 12, 2010) add-on printed with an inkjet printer.

This stamp poster was distributed by the U.S. Post Office Department to advertise the 1965 Dante commemorative stamp. The poster would have been displayed in post offices and gives a brief overview of the stamp and instructions to collectors on how…

The textual cachet on this envelope addressed to Wilbur K. Smith of York, Pennsylvania, may have been printed by Smith himself. The vertically-oriented text ("Dante Alighieri / 700th ANNIVERSARY") is letterpress printed in reddish-gray and maroon.

This first day cover's cachet features Raphael's portrait of Dante from the artist's fresco Disputation of the Holy Sacrament in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City (reversed from the original). Below the portrait is text as follows: "Dante / VII…

This first day cover was issued by Clarence E. Reid and features a textual cachet naming Douglas Gorsline, the designer of the United States Dante postage stamp of 1965. The "No. 2717" next to Reid's name was his membership number for the American…

The cachet on this first day cover issued by Press Cover Club was printed in black and then colored by hand with pink, orange, and blue highlights.

These first day covers feature hand-painted, add-on cachets by L. Ziola Powell. One cachet depicts a portrait of Dante partly covered by an angel with trumpet above and flames below. The other cachet depicts a portrait of Dante with laurel wreath…

So-called "Marg" cachets were created by Edmund J. Shea for Shea Advertising.

The cachets on these first day covers were hand painted by Ben Kraft. One cachet depicts Dante against a red background next to the phrases "HE GLORIFIED HELL!" and "DANTE 1265–1321". Another depicts Dante against a yellow background facing the devil…

Kolor Kover first day covers are distinguished by the colored paper used for the envelopes. The red cachet on this yellow envelope shows a portrait of Dante in profile within an ornamental frame.
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