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These first day covers were issued by Capitolium (nos. V. 46 and V. 46/a).The cachet for no. V. 46 shows Dante and Beatrice in heaven. In the upper right corner is "1265 / 1965" and at the bottom is the following text: "VII CENTENARIO DELLA NASCITA /…

These first day covers were issued by Capitolium (nos. 49 and V. 46/a).The cachet for no. 49 shows a montage of the four illustrations by Gustave Doré used on the San Marino Dante stamps of 1965. The illustrations are as follows: portrait of Dante;…

This maximum card, postmarked in February 1967, commemorates the 1966 Uruguay postage stamp honoring Dante. The card's portrait of Dante is a reversed detail from Luca Signorelli's painting in the cathedral of Orvieto, Italy.

This set of cinderella stamps was issued by the Federazione italiana contro la tubercolosi e Consorzi provinciali antitubercolari (Italian Federation Against Tuberculosis and Provincial Antituberculosis Consortium) for the "XXVIII CAMPAGNA NAZIONALE…
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